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Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit🔗

The Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit (ENW89854ATKF) is a ready-to-use Evaluation Tool based on the PAN1780 module in combination with the Wirepas Mesh firmware connectivity stack. Wirepas mesh is a decentralized mesh wireless communication protocol. You can find more information about Wirepas Mesh Networks on the Wirepas Developer site.

The kit consists of four battery-powered sensor nodes which are delivering temperature values and events triggered by their buttons, and one sink which acts as a border router.

If you're an engineer, product designer, or an IoT enthusiast, this demo kit is perfect for you. It allows you to set up a Wirepas Mesh network effortlessly at any time and any place using highly performing, pre-configured Wirepas Sensor Nodes.

Panasonic Industry provides a sensor node with an optimized chip antenna, granting it a long wireless transmission range. The integrated Wirepas Mesh stack takes care of all the mesh networking automatically and without the need for manual configurations.

The launch of the Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit is the result of Panasonic's collaboration with IoT software consulting firm, Symbiotech.

You can find long-lived documents on the official product websites: