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User Guide🔗


The PAN9026 mSD adapter (ENWF9201AWEF) features a PAN9026 module and a NXP PM823 Power Management chipset.

You can access the module's SDIO interface, which is required to connect the PAN9026 module to a host processor. The adapter is ideally suited for the evaluation of the module in conjunction with host processor evaluation kits that have a micro SD card slot.

The PAN9026 mSD-U adapter (ENWF9201AVEF) is the identical adapter, just with an additional pin header.


  • Compact micro SD form factor

  • External antenna U.FL connector

  • Power management

Block Diagram🔗

Board Overview🔗

1 External antenna U.FL connector - X1
You can use the U.FL connector to connect an external antenna. Also see Antenna Configuration

2 Antenna selection resistors - R13 + R14
You can use these to configure the module to use the U.FL connector. Also see Antenna Configuration

3 The module

4 Power management

5 Micro SD connector
You can insert the PAN9026 mSD adapter into a micro SD card slot.

Antenna Configuration🔗

You can configure the module to either use the chip antenna or the external antenna.

External Antenna🔗

To configure the external antenna U.FL connector X1 1 to be used execute the following instructions.

  1. Unsolder 0 Ohm resistor at R14.

  2. Place same 0 Ohm resistor on R13.

Chip Antenna🔗

On the PAN9026 mSD adapter by default the chip antenna is selected. In case you modified the adapter to use the external antenna execute the following instructions to switch back to the chip antenna.

  1. Unsolder 0 Ohm resistor at R13.

  2. Place same 0 Ohm resistor on R14.


On the NXP 88W8977 product page NXP provides extensive documentation, including software driver packages.


Please note that you need an account for the NXP Homepage to be able to access any of the mentioned documents.

Furthermore you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with NXP, please contact your local Panasonic Sales representative which will assist you with this process.

Due to the mature age of the 88W8977 chipset only a generic software driver package is available, but no ready-to-use integration into the Yocto Project for use together with the NXP® i.MX 8MQuad Evaluation Kit (MCIMX8M-EVK) evaluation platform, for example. It has to be manually integrated into the software stack of the target platform before evaluation.

As of today the software driver package is in maintenance mode and receives yearly security updates only.

If you are looking for a more hassle-free solution that is available in the NXP Linux BSP and integrates nicely in the Yocto Project and allows easy evaluation in conjunction with the NXP® i.MX 8MQuad Evaluation Kit (MCIMX8M-EVK) evaluation platform, check out the PAN9028 module instead.