Industrial Solutions

Developing and selling customised solutions in the industrial market for many years, we offer a high level of expertise in several fields. This enables us to combine different technologies as a full solution and high quality supplier. The benefit for our customer is the combination of local design, local project management as well as worldwide manufacturing plants.

Power Tool DC-Solutions

Fifteen years experience on power tool business enabled us to built up leading edge technologies, which we can combine according to your system needs.

  • System supplier for charger/service charger including battery and battery management system design combined with DC motor control and wireless service interface. In addition we are able to perform complete user system tests based on the individual application.

Power Tool AC-Solutions

With several successful projects with leading companies in the power tool market we proofed our ability to design an efficient and compact AC motor control.

  • Based on our customer's tool outline and specification we design high efficient, ultra compact AC motor control, including cooling concept and plastic moulding tools for the housing of the motor control .

Advanced HMI Motor Control Solution

During the last projects within the home appliance market, we developed products with a high level of hard- and software integration including various functionalities for the motor control and HMI design.

  • High efficient power board combined with advanced motor control functionality including speed, heat and weight control with embedded software design utilising customised HMI control.