Energy Solutions

With new energy saving regulations in the European market, the Panasonic global product portfolio brings the highest value to our European customers. We offer to you the benfit of local design, local project management and as well as worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Water Pump Solutions

Our water pump solutions for heat pumps and gas boilers combine highest efficiency, compact design, long service life and low acoustic noise.

  • DC or EC water pump with PWM or High Signal communication, air valve and hydraulic design according to customer specification.

Compressor - Inverter Solutions

The compressor - inverter drive solution from a single supplier guarantees high efficient control, long service life and low acoustic noise.

  • Customised compressor inverter board including DC fan control and/or magnetic valve control will guarantee the highest reliability and design flexibility.

LED Driver Solutions

In the LED driver market we have wide experience with outdoor and indoor applications. This also includes wireless communication among the driver units.

  • The Japanese LED driver technologies can be purchased from the shelf or customised according to European specification, utilising wireless communication including DALI standard.