Powerfuse (added: December, 15th 2016)

Name / Type Dimensions (D x L / Gewicht) Operating current Breaking current Max. Switching Voltage Types of activation Applications Internal resistance Temperature Range
Powerfuse (PF-HV2), pyrotechnic activated high voltage and high current switch
D30 x 52 / 85 mm (180g) 225A cont.
2500A max.
28 kADC max. 1000 VDC 70µs (active activation: ignition current 5 A max. / 2.2 Ohm)
5 - 100 ms (passive activation: depending on value of over-current)
Commanded and reliable shut-off of fault currents for car board nets or power plants with effective plasma suppression without movements or emission to the environment. 40 - 70 µOhm - 30 °C ... + 85°C
(up to 150°C for special models)