PAN1026A - Bluetooth Basic Data Rate and Low Energy Module

The PAN1026A is based on Toshiba ́s single chip TC35661 Bluetooth semiconductor device with an embedded Toshiba Bluetooth SIG certified stack. The PAN1026A is a highly integrated Dual Mode Bluetooth controller that delivers high-speed operation at ultra-low power consumption. An embedded SPP (Serial Port Profile of Bluetooth Classic) and a GATT (Generic Attribute Profile of Bluetooth LE) stack are integrated. The module significantly reduces external component count and power consumption in applications requiring support of Bluetooth 4.2 standards. The PAN1026A does not support EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) or Central Mode. Details about iAP integration can be provided on request. The integrated EEPROM has a Panasonic MAC address and it can be used to store Link Keys.

The module allows for serving both legacy Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy connections with rapid connection and disconnection,needed by a wide range of applications, all at a small form factor. Compared to the PAN1026, the PAN1026A has additional features for secure connections via Bluetooth LE and it is fully backwards compatible. Next to increased low energy transfer speed, transmission power can also be controlled. The PAN1026A module is manufactured in a small package with a shielded case and it is qualified according to the Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.2 standards. FCC, IC, MIC, and CE approval are available.


  • Bluetooth 4.2 Basic Data Rate (BR) and Low Energy (LE) Module
  • Embedded SPP profile, Embedded GATT profile
  • High-level API commands
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (LE) embedded GATT profile with high-level API commands, compatible with Toshiba reference BLE profiles
  • Integrated high speed crystal oscillator (26 MHz)


  • UART, GPIO (10 input/output pins), wake-up control pins

Bluetooth 4.2

  • GAP support for SPP, peripheral support for LE
  • GATT Server and Client Mode are supported for LE
  • LE secure connections supported


Improvements with PAN1026A

  • Increased (2.5 x) BLE data transfer rates through extended MTU size (64 Bytes to 160 Bytes)
  • More complex BLE profiles possible through extended GATT functionality
  • Data base pool, number of services and characteristics, data flow control
  • Fast SPP classic connection/disconnection times
  • Interlaced inquiry/page scan & extended inquiry response
  • Transmission (Tx) power control
  • Improved PER (peak-error-rate) for BLE traffic
  • Integration of BT 4.2 secure connecting feature implementing ECDH technology
Part numberDescription

PAN1026A - SPP


PAN1026A - Evaluation Kit (Order-No. ENW89837AUKF)
Two PAN1026A USB Evaluation Sticks packed in a small case.  The sticks have a USB to UART converter and allow access to the module pins. It is designed to be used with Easy SPP/BLE (see downloads).

PAN1026A - Single USB-Stick (Order-No. ENW49C01AXKF)
One single PAN1026 USB Evaluation Stick packed in a ESD bag.  The stick has a USB to UART converter and allows access to the module pins. It is designed to be used with SPP-Toolbox (see downloads).

PAN1026A - Experimenter Kit (Order-No. ENW89837AWKF)
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