Development Center

Our development center are located in Lueneburg and Pfaffenhofen. Based on the requirements we bring added value to our customer throughout all development steps until mass production and service life. Within our development process we provide the following system development services:

Software:         Safety, Security and Connectivity
Hardware:       Power, Audio, Analogue, Digital, High Frequency, Inductive, Relays
Mechanical:    PCB, Metal Parts, Plastic Parts

Our system development service starts with transferring customer requirements into specification, followed by electronical and mechanical design including rapid prototyping and thermal simulation. The software design is driven by model based embedded development. Finally the product will be tested with our test equipment according to mechanical, electronical, software, EMI function and reliability requirements. Based on customer's wish we apply the product for world wide certification. In addition we are also capable to perform the complete customer system application tests.