PAN9320 - Fully Embedded Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Module

The PAN9320 is a 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n embedded Wi-Fi module with integrated stack and API that minimizes firmware development and includes a full security suite. The module is specifically designed for highly integrated and cost-effective applications. The module includes a fully shielded case, integrated crystal oscillators, and a chip antenna.

The module combines a high-performance CPU, high sensitivity wireless radio, baseband processor, medium access controller, encryption unit, boot ROM with patching capability, internal SRAM, and in-system programmable flash memory. The module’s integrated memory is available to the application for storing web content such as HTML pages or image data.

Parallel support of access point and infrastructure mode allows easy setup of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections from the module to smart devices and home network routers. The pre-programmed Wi-Fi SoC firmware enables client (STA) and micro access point (μAP) applications. With the transparent mode, raw data can be sent from the UART to the air interface to smart devices, web servers, or PC applications.

  • Surface Mount Type 29,0 x 13.5 x 2.66 mm³
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WiFi) module with integrated MCU and Radio
  • Integrated embedded WiFi stack, interfaces Telnet, http, Ajax, JSON, others
  • Simultaneous support of Access-Point- & Infrastructure Mode
  • Supports TLS/SSL, https and WiFi security (WPA2) for secure data connection
  • Plug&Play Name Services (DHCP, DNS) and access by names (http://yourdevice)
  • Wireless Update of Radio Driver and MCU Firmware with integrated bootloader
  • Supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, security standards WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Tx power up to +18 dBm (IEEE 802.11b))
  • High Rx sensitivity -98 dBm (IEEE 802.11b DSSS 1Mbps)
  • Marvell® 88W8782 WLAN System-on-Chip (SoC) and 88MC200 (MCU) inside
  • Integrated flash for customer web contents and configuration file 1,5MB (extendable)
  • Easy to use Evaluation Board available for quick development and reduced time to market
  • Use of WebTechnologies (HTML, JavaScript), no need for WiFi Stack implementation
  • Ready to use internet access (integrated EMail Server and Cloud Communication Client)
  • Getting started Tutorials, Libraries, APIs available
  • Evaluation and Development software Wifigurator for Windows

Full Embedded

  • Full-featured network stack integrated
  • Contains all necessary IoT functionality (Place&Play)
  • Integrated Webserver with AJAX/JSON for webapplications
  • No stack or software implementation needed on a Host-MCU
  • Ideal for  Host-MCU with limited resources

Dual Wifi operation  

  • Simultaneous support Access-Point- & Infrastructure Mode
  • IP configuration will be done fully-automatically
  • DHCP-Server offers IP-configuration in AP-mode

Evaluation Kit for quick prototyping  

  • “Easy-to-use” module for rapid prototyping
  • Evaluation and development tool Wifigurator for Windows
  • Evaluation kit with pre installed web application
  • Access by names (http://yourdevice)
  • Getting started tutorials, PC Tool, quickstart guide




PAN9320, VIPAR stack

-30~70°C, chip antenna


PAN9310, VIPAR stack

-30~70°C, 50 ohm pad


PAN9320 Evaluation Kit


PAN9320 ETU Module