PAN1760 - Bluetooth Low Energy

The PAN1760 is based on Toshiba's single chip TC35667 Bluetooth semiconductor device with embedded Toshiba Bluetooth 4.1 LE stack and GATT profile. Peak power consumption of only 5.4 mA in Tx mode allows advanced wireless functionalities in IoT, medical, and industrial applications without compromising battery life.The PAN1760 can either be operated in Host mode for very simple integration of Bluetooth connectivity into existing products, or in Stand-Alone mode, where 24 kB RAM is available for the user application. The PAN1760, the PAN1761, and the PAN1026 share the same footprint.

Only minor code changes are required when migrating from PAN1026. Previously developed software (Bluetooth Low Energy profiles and applications) can be easily migrated with a minimal effort.

FCC, IC, and CE approval are available.


  • Same form factor and footprint as PAN1026
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) embedded GATT profile with high level API commands, compatible to Toshiba reference BLE profiles
  • Power consumption Max 8.7mA Tx/ Max 8.4 Rx/<5μA Sleep
  • Tx power 0 dBm, Rx sensitivity -91 dBm
  • Small 15.6 x 8.7 x 1.9 mm³ SMD package
  • Compliant to BT 4.0 (extension to 4.1 under development)
  • 32kB on-chip RAM for applications
  • 512kBit eeprom to download user program during start up
  • Operation as host-less, stand alone
  • Standard SIG BLE and “SPP over BLE” profiles available
  • Temperature Range from -40°C to +85°C


  • UART, I2C , GPIO (10 in/out), Wake-Up control pins, ADC(4 CH)

Bluetooth 4.0

  • GAP central and peripheral support for LE
  • GATT, SMP and SDB support for LE

Part Number




-40°C to +85°C

PAN1760 - Evaluation Kit (Order-No. ENW89847AYKF)
Two PAN1760 USB-Evaluation Sticks packed in a small case. The stick has a USB to UART converter and allows hardware access to the module pins.

PAN1760 - Single USB-Stick (Order-No. ENW89847AZKF)
One single PAN1760 USB-Evaluation Stick packed in a ESD bag.  The stick has a USB to UART converter and allows hardware access to the module pins.

PAN1760 - Morpheus Board (Order-No. ENW89847AUKF)
This Board is used to develop stand alone BT Low Energy applications for PAN1760.

PAN1760 - Experimenter Kit (Order-No. ENW89847AVKF)
This Experimenter Kit is used to develop BT Low Energy applications with the Toshiba SDK on the TMPM369 controller.

For further information please register on development platform:

The Toshiba Bluetooth® SDK is the best way to easily implement applications on the PAN1760 module. The SDK offers full software development support for the high-level BLE API - for registration visit: