PAN1740 - Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 SoC Module

PAN1740 is the next generation Bluetooth Low Energy Module from Panasonic with reduced form factor, significantly lower power consumption and embedded Software Stack. The Singlemode Bluetooth Smart System-on-Chip module is optimized for low power, small size and low system cost products. It reduces external component count, development effort and time to market.

The Module is manufactured in a very small 9.0* 9.5* 1.8 mm3 SMD package with shielded case and chip antenna. The power consumption of only 4.9mA in Tx and Rx mode makes the use of coin cell batteries possible or reduces the needed battery capacity and cost of existing solution by at least 50%. It is qualified according to Bluetooth 4.1 standard. FCC, IC and CE approvals are under preparation. The PAN1740 comes with a complete software development platform, which includes a qualified Bluetooth Smart single-mode stack on chip. Multiple Bluetooth Smart profiles for consumer wellness, sport, fitness, security and proximity applications are supplied as standard, while additional customer profiles can be developed and added as needed.


  • Single-mode Bluetooth Smart System-on-Chip
  • Small 9.0 x 9.5 x 1.8 mm SMD package with antenna
  • Includes 16MHz and 32.768kHz crystal
  • Temperature Range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Power consumption 4.9mA Rx and Tx
  • Link budget 93dBm (Rx Sensitivity -93, Tx 0 dBm)


  • GPIO, UART, SPI, I²C, 3-axis QD, ADC


  • Wearable Devices
  • Health Care, Medical Diagnostic Systems
  • Sports and Leisure Equipment
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Industrial Measurement and Diagnosis
  • Devices with critical Power Consumption


  • 42k SRAM
  • 32k OTP Memory for Profiles and Apps (delivered blank)
  • 84k ROM for LE Host and Boot ROM

OTP (One Time Programmable).
The PAN1740 is programmed on the customer’s production line. Optional pre-programming available for
higher volume. Apps and Profiles are copied from OTP, during start up, and executed in SRAM.

Ordering part number




One single PAN1740 ETU USB Evaluation Stick packed in a ESD bag.  The stick has a USB to UART converter and allows hardware access to the module pins. It also provides a J-Link debug interface to evaluate custom firmware.

ETU (Single USB Stick)


Two PAN1740 ETU USB Evaluation Sticks packed in a small case.  The stick has a USB to UART converter and allows hardware access to the module pins. It also provides a J-Link debug interface to evaluate custom firmware.

1 Kit (2 USB Sticks)


1740 Adapterboard for Motherboard



This Pro Kit is to develop BT Low Energy applications with PAN1740. The development is based on the SDK from Dialog Semiconductors.

For further information please register on development platform:

Dialog Pro Kit


PAN1740 beacon is a stand alone beacon with connector.

Beacon with connector


PAN1740 beacon is a stand alone beacon without connector.

Beacon without connector


Beacon Kit


Please also register on for access to the Dialog forum and software tools described in the application note.

Tools for PAN1740 are available: